How I code and the framworks I use

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By: Mateo Lewinzon / Published on Sep 8, 2022
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I've built several user interfaces with React, always being my prefered front-end technology and overall main skill. My permanent goal is to create the best apps possible, which is why I'm always pushing myself towards extending my knowledge on libraries and modern techniques that go alongside the framewok.

During the last couple of years, through personal projects and my apprenticeship in, I've incorporated profesional practices for state management (Redux, Context), integrating APIs, authentication, testing (React-Testing-Library with Jest), styling (css, tailwind, bootstrap), and a variety of other libraries and APIs needed in the projects. Apart from web, I've also developed Android apps with React Native.

I'm also familiar with creating React apps using NextJs for pre-fetching, static-server generation and server-side rendering. This website is a NextJs app deployed in Vercel, 100% static-server generated.

Regarding deployment and production environment, I've deployed apps in Vercel and Heroku, with environment variables and linked domains.


Through courses and projects, I've been familiarizing myself with the language with ever-increasing depths.

I learned the basic concepts along the first courses I took on Udemy. Later, during my apprenticeship at, I became familiar with SOLID principles and I improved my code quality considerably.

Lately, I've been learning OOP, as well as advanced under-the-hood javascript concepts (such as closures, prototypal inheritence, the engine).


I've developed APIs for end-to-end applications with ExpressJs using MongoDb for databases (mongoose) and passportjs for authenticating requests (local and external strategies) and creating sessions. I've also implemented Sendgrid, Firebase, MercadoPago (Checkout Pro) and AWS (for uploading images into s3 buckets) SDKs, among others.