My journey as a developer

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By: Mateo Lewinzon / Published on Sep 8, 2022
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The beginning

From an early age, I've always been atracted to the practicalities of software UIs, and curious about programming. Starting as a hobby, I became interested in building full stack apps in 2020.

Taking courses and personal projects

I learned React and Node by taking courses and applying the knowledge in personal projects. Later in 2021, I built my first mobile app with React Native, and became confident with exploring and implementing new libraries by reading documentation.

Starting 2022, I heard about, an acceleration program offering apprenticeship to trainees. Determined to take a leap and become a professional software developer, I submitted the admission challenge and was accepted.

Alkemy was a great, valuable experience. Under the leadership and mentorship of a senior MercadoLibre engineer, my team and I built a modern UI for an ONG. Working under a simulated realistic environment, I became familiar with Agile methodologies, its workflow and its tools. During this process, I enjoyed helping the others and saw myself as a team-player.

Besides, having my code reviewed by an experienced developer significantly improved my code quality.